Viva Juice Coffee and Tea

  • Graphic Design

    Adobe Photoshop

  • Ecommerce

    Wordpress + Woocommerce

  • Animation

    Adoble After Effect

  • Video Editing

    Adobe Premiere

  • Music

    Abletone Live

Viva la Viva!

In the heart of the Bellaire Boulivard, in Houston, is the bubble-tea shop. The owner of the shop, is one of my favorite humans. His name is Chi Dang. He is a loving father of four, and and entrepreneur, hailing originally from Vietnam. Chi is the owner of Viva, a quaint, colorful shop, in the bustling china-town district, where he and his family make affordable drinks and snacks for those who visit.

Chi approached me with a domain he purchased: and asked me to produce a website to bring his shop’s presence to the web. I was eager to oblige.

Woo Commerce

Viva woo commerce

I devised an online shop, for Viva, using WordPress and a very popular e-commerce plugin called Woo-Commerce. With WordPress, Mr. Dang and maintain and curate his products online, as well as any news, pages, articles, or promotions. WordPress and Woo-Commerce have such an easy to use back-end, that he will scarcely need any help from me now that it’s finished.

Graphic Design

Viva Old Logo

Viva’s Old Logo

With a little skill in Adobe Photoshop, I turned this low resolution image into a vibrant and colorful, hi-res, logo. It’s amazing to see the difference.

Viva's New Logo

Viva’s New Logo

Web Design

I designed the look of Viva’s site, with Chi’s input about what he wanted. He had four images representing his menu, and he was very adamant about getting them on the homepage. I was happy to comply. My knowledge of WordPress plugins is extensive, and I leveraged a few very popular plugins to get this done with all due haste.

Multimedia Design

With only 2 days to go before we went live with the site, Chi contacted me about putting a video on his site. The Site design was already finished at this point, but knowing the value of video in the modern web, my answer was of course “YES! Send me your video, Mr, Dang. We’ll get that on the website.” Well, he did send me the video, and to my shagrin, that’s all it was… video. THERE WAS NO SOUND! No problem. I happen to also be a music producer. With very little time, I was able to come up with an excellent sound track, and engage a voice actor to dub narration. With a little bit of multimedia production skill, I turned a cheap mobile phone video into as decent a video as possible.

Email List


The last, but not least element I gave to Viva was the email list. Through a link, on Viva’s website, Chi is able to have his customers subscribe for news and updates by adding their email address to his mailing list. This is an immensely valuable tool for business, and it’s really easy for Chi to use and manage. With proper email campaigns, Viva will be able to turn 1-time web visitors, into repeat customers. This may not seem like a big-deal but this is, by far, one of the most important tools for any online business.

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