Greathouse-WordPress: a professional system — Free

  • Date: June 13th 2017

    Run a fully upgradable, fully customizable server, for pennies on the dollar. You can use this system, designed by a professional software engineer, completely for free.

Greathouse WordPress BannerGreathouse-Wordpress is an automation of my work.

Over the years, I’ve installed, maintained, upgraded and improved many WordPress sites for a number of different clients. Greathouse-Wordpress is the summary  of what I’ve learned. It represents years of practice in what works, what doesn’t, the right ways, and the wrong ways. Being a software developer is an invaluable skill. For those who are specialists in other areas, your options are to hire a software developer, or learn it, and do it yourself. While hiring a software developer is expensive, making mistakes in doing it yourself, can turn into an even bigger expense down the road.

I’ve codified my work, and handed it over for free.

I’ve taken everything I learned, over the years, and distilled it down into several simple Bash Scripts. By running these scripts, you can install, upgrade, and manage your wordpress site, the exact same way I do. The greatest part of this, is that it’s completely free. I’ve also created tutorials on exactly how to do this. If you can take the time to view my tutorials and follow some simple steps, you can do it, the exact same way I do. By extension, you’ll be benefitting from the years of experience, and learning, that I’ve had.

Why would I give away such a valuable service?

Frankly, because it’s not the core of my business. What I want to do for you, is develop custom solutions for your site or your business.  It doesn’t matter to me if your business is built on WordPress, or something else. What I want to do for you, is provide what wordpress, or any other software can’t. When your customers tell you of something they want to do on your website, think of me. If I can’t make it happen for you, I will tell you what you can do. My company is Greathouse Technology LLC and we offer best-in-breed consulting in a number of technology verticals.