Spice – A Concept album about the 1984 film: Dune

Remember your first sci-fi adventure? For me it was the spice.

I remember the first time I saw the 1984 movie: Dune. I couldn’t believe that it was possible for such a fantasy world to exist. There were giant worms, people with blue eyes, and a unique political triangle that transcends anything that resembles terrestrial worlds. I fell in love with the imagery, the sounds and the story. It was a long time before I even understood the story, yet I knew that I loved it. Experiencing this film, opened my eyes to a world of science fiction that I could not have previously imagined.

I’m writing a concept album about my experiencing this film for the first time.

I’m trying to capture all the wonder and intrigue that inspired my imagination. I’m expressing it in the form of an Electronic Music Album I’m producing. The album will be completely free when it’s released, but right now it is a work in progress. Please check in, from time to time, for updates on the project. Bookmark this page, or like and share on social media, for my latest progress updates.

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